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PML - ACM appliance cleaner


Product features:

According to the customer's laundry list, the size of the cleaning cavity is made to satisfy the customers' requirements.

The surface of the cleaning cavity is treated with rounded corner, and the non-dead Angle is easy to clean, and the inner surface adopts electro-polishing to process Ra less than 0.51 mu m.

The external surface of the whole machine is treated with nano anti-fingerprint technology.

Concealed translation door design without taking up external space;

Adopt advanced Siemens s7-300plc control system;

Adopt imported core components such as circulating pump, diaphragm valve, electrical conductivity meter, etc.

All cleaning procedure parameters can be adjusted independently, such as pressure, temperature and cycle times.

The optimized pipeline and control system design reduces the consumption and reduces the cleaning time.

Complete file system and test verification system is fully compliant with eu GMP and GMP requirements.

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